Buy amitamin in Australia or New Zealand?

Are you interested in buying amitamin® products and live in Australia or in New Zealand? We have good news!

You can still buy amitamin products, directly and fresh from the producer in Germany. Please use the services of the courier company "Borderlinx".


This is how it works:

  1. you register an account with Borderlinx,
  2. you now have a unique post box number. Order with amitamin and use your address constisting of your unique post box number and the borderlinx warehouse in Germany. Your australian or Kiwi credit card will work for the payment. Do pay your order by credit card - we will have to cancel all orders with other payment types.
  3. We will ship to the Borderlinx warehouse, usually within 2-4 days.
  4. Borderlinx will re-pack the goods and ship them to you in Australia or New Zealand.