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we look forward to answering the questions you might have. Please also check our "frequently asked questions - FAQ" section here.

Please keep in mind:

  • We are not authorised to provide an assessment on an individual situation, medical treatment, deficiency or illness. I.e. we cannot comment on medcial treatments you are taking and the potential combination with amitamin products. This advice can only be given by your personal doctor.
  • Generally, our products are easily digestible and designed for ongoing consumption. They only include ingredients in unique combinations and dosages, which you can also find in natural foods. We cannot make claims about the effect of amitamin products in combination with any medication / pharmaceutical drug: Only your personal doctor is allowed to do so. Please read all information and follow the directions as indicated for each product.

We have answered the most common questions here.

Living outside Europe (USA, Africa, Asia)? We are very sorry! Due to high shipping costs as well as high import hurdles imposed by customs, we cannot ship to customers from outside the European Union. If you are a wholesaler outside the EU, please do not hesitate to contact us.

For customers in Middle East, please visit our Distributor´s onlineshop at:

For customers in Nigera, please visit:

For customers in Thailand, pleae visit:


DISTRIBUTION CENTER (deliveries from and returns to):

Active Bio Life Science GmbH
c/o PVS eCommerce-Services GmbH
Birkenmaarstr. 8
53340 Meckenheim

Please note:
This is exclusively a distribution & dispatch centre. We do not provide a regular shop in Meckenheim or at our admin offices where you could buy our products. We sell exclusively online and deliver our goods to you.

Contact language: You can contact us either in English or German language, please use E-Mail


If you have questions regarding your order or invoice, please call us (Monday-Friday 08:00 am - 6:00 pm) on (+49) 2225 926 146. Or write an E-Mail to We speak German and English.


Unfortunately we cannot sell our products to customers outside European Union directly, mainly due to high freight costs, but also due to customs regulations. If you are a distributor and interested in becoming a distribution partner, please do not hesitate to contact us. For many countries in Asia and Middle East, you may use courier services.

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