Promotion: 3x Collagen System + 3x Skin Detox Radical

Promotion: 3x Collagen System + 3x Skin Detox Radical

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    Promotion: 3 x amitamin® Skin Detox Radical for 90 days plus 3 x amitamin® Collagen System for 90 days (3 packages)

    The ultimate skin formula. So much better in dosage and ingredients than anything on the market, and at a phantastic price. Because we do not sponsor celebrities or invest hundreds of thousand in advertising, we can offer you premium products at a really great price!

    Enjoy the unique benefits of high dosage nutraceuticals for your skin and nails. The ultimate combination of the best beauty nutraceuticals:

    • Collagen (high dosage 9.200 mg and part of Collagen System formula)
    • Hyaluronic acid (200 mg in total, part of Skin Detox Radical and Collagen System formula)
    • Coenzyme Q10 (part of Collagen System formula)
    • Pine bark extract  and four more plant extracts with OPC and ECGC (part of Skin Detox Radical formula)
    • Vitamins and trace elements to support produce collagen (2antioxidant blend, part of Skin Detox and Collagen System formula)

    Nothing does it better, this is the maximum support for a healthy and beautiful skin.

    For detailed descriptions of the individual products, please see:

    amitamin® Skin Detox Radical

    amitamin® Collagen System


    Save 80 Euro (!!!) versus the recommended single pack price or, in other words, another 20 Euro (!!!) over the already discounted triple pack promotions.

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    Weight (in kg) 1.236900
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    Please check ingredients lists of the individual products

    Package Size

    Promotional beauty pack: for ultimate skin treatment from within. 3 packages of Collagen System plus 3 x amitamin® Skin Detox Radical, for 3 x 30 days = 90 days.

    Recommended daily intake

    amitamin® Skin Detox Radical: take 2 capsules a day together with a meal.

    amitamin® Collagen System: take 1 drink prepared with 1 spoon of collagen powder (12g) together with a meal.

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