Buy amitamin in Asia?

Our distributor in New Zealand ships internationally.

Do you live in Asia and want to buy amitamin® products? Our distributor in New Zealand ships internationally and there are several options!

Hong Kong and Mainland China

Do you live in Hong Kong or China? You can buy a selected range of original amitamin® products from our independent distributor amitamin NZAU Ltd. Please check out the webshop here.

Please note: the prices quoted on are Australian Dollars, AUD. 1 AUD is approximately 0,71 USD (US Dollars). So products are much cheaper expressed in USD.


If you live in Thailand, please use the Services of Skincare Delivery from Bangkok. They are our official distributor in Thailand. Please see:  and enter "amitamin" into the search box.

You can also buy a selected range of original amitamin® products from our independent distributor amitamin NZAU Ltd. Please check out the webshop here. Please note: the prices quoted on are Australian Dollars, AUD. 1 AUD is approximately 0,71 USD (US Dollars) as of Sep 2020.

Other Asia

Our distributor in New Zealand ships to many countries in Asia. Shipping is free for any order above 100 AUD.

Please note: the prices quoted on are Australian Dollars, AUD. 1 AUD is approximately 0,71 USD (US Dollars).

Other local distributors in Asia

Are you interested in buying amitamin® products and live elsewhere in Asia? Are you in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kasakhstan, Usbekistan, Georgia or Aserbaidschan?

Unfortunately we do not have further distributors in Asian markets. BUT there is a solution: please use a courier service for your international shipment!

But there are a lot of international customers interested in buying our products. Many of them have used a service called "Shop and Ship", which is an international courier service. The service is offered for Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Brunei, India, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Tonga and Vietnam.

Other customers have used "Skypax", a courier company that also offers smooth and fast delivery to many counitres, please see:

For customers living in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kasakhstan, Usbekistan, Georgia or Aserbaidschan, please consider using

"Shop and Ship" international courier service

Disclaimer: Please note that the following process works for many people, but we cannot guarantuee that it works for your country, product and individual shipment. The information is current as of Jan 2016.

Shop and Ship is an international courier service offered by Aramex, a large international logistics and courier company. It is designed to help people buying products from companies that usually do not cover the country of the buyer. Rates are, relative tho the service, relatively cheap (see their rates here:

Borderlinx services are comparable (see The workflow is basically the same.

They have their warehouse in UK, so when you shop here in the amitamin shop, please choose "UK" as region. Shipping expenses are around 40 EUR, please check their shipping costs calculator:

How it works

In short, this is how it works (see more here):

1) You register at It´s an easy and free online process.

2) You shop at our amitamin webshop for Germany (click here!), choosing the Frankfurt (Kelsterbach) address of ShopandShip network in Germany with your new mailbox number. Your mail address for invoice and delivery should look like this:

    John Buyer  
    Sovereign Courier GmbH, Mönchhofallee 13
    JED 123456
    65451 Kelsterbach


  • Please choose Credit card payment or Paypal payment. Other payment types will NOT work.
  • Please double check your address. Errors in the address will cause long delays!

3) We send the ordered products to the given address, the Kelsterbach logistics hub. Then, the courier service will open the parcel, check the invoice from us, prepare the custom documents. They can also combine the order with other orders from other companies you might make out of Germany. They will send the product to you via courier mail, and they will do the customs procedure for you. Once the product is on the way from Germany to your home, you must pay directly.

For more details, please see here or contact !

Why don´t we send the goods directly to you?

We cannot send the products directly to you, because when a company sends items internationally, they are subject to intense customs routines. The products might be rejected at the customs. The reason is that our packaging is in line with European Union legislation - but that differs from your country´s regulation. The differences are probably small, e.g. there are slightly different nutritional reference values and there are other standard informational phrases that have to be on the packaging. But they are big enough to make local customs reject the goods at your frontier.

Having said that, we cannot ship to any country in Asia, or anywhere else outside Europe. Using the courier service is at your own risk - but we do have good customer experience for a number of countries.

Is there another way to buy amitamin® products in Asia?

What is possible is that if you travel to Europe, you may purchase the products here and bring them with your luggage back to your country in Asia. If you take an amount that is not commercial but for private use, probably up to twelve packages, there should be no problems at the customs. All ingredients are registered as food supplements and the formula and ingredients would almost certainly be in line with your local regulations. But: the packaging is not in line with regulations in Asia, so we cannot do any commercial shipping.

You may also have a friend or relative in Europe. That person could also buy the products and send a private parcel toyour country. This parcel should pass customs without any problems. We already tested this way of sending products to friends in the USA.

Is there a distributor in Asia?

Unfortunately not at this point of time. If you represent a Distributor that has reputable online and offline presence, please do not hesitate to contact us.