Fertility & Pregnancy

When it comes to fertility and pregnancy, amitamin® nutraceuticals are the premier choice for many professionals. Because amitamin® formulas are known to be the best that robust science has to offer. We source high quality ingredients such as Quatrefolic® bioactive folate and produce in Germany under highest standards.
Male Fertility Solutions

For the last 70 years, scientists have observed declining semen quality. Lack of antioxidants and micro nutrients plus stress is thought to be a key factor. Men with potentially sub-optimal spermatogenesis should consider taking amitamin®  fertilsan M. It is a unique blend of micronutrients, antioxidants and amino acids. The formula supports a healthy spermatogenesis. It was developed for men with low sperm count and density, low sperm motility and poor morphology. The product is available as capsules as well as drink powder, both with the same great blend of active ingredients.

Female Fertility and a Healthy Pregnancy

All women should watch their micronutrients status already before pregnancy and eat extremely healthy. Probably the most critical vitamin is folate. A healthy folate status is important to manage the risk of neural tube defects of the unborn. While many pregnancy supplements use synthetic folic acid, amitamin® fertil F phase 1 and amitamin® fertil F phase 2 provide Quatrefolic® bioactive folate. Folic acid cannot be metabolized by many women, so they should not compromise!

amitamin® fertil F phase 2 provides 20 micro nutrients in just 1 capsule a day! Hazzle free, superior formula starting from only 12,95 € per month! Start taking it as soon as you are ready to conceive, do not wait until you are pregnant!

amitamin® fertil F phase 1 provides 24 micro nutrientrs, including Quatrefolic® bioactive folate and omega-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA. The most complete formula. You can already take it as a preparation for pregnancy. We recommend switching from phase 1 formula to phase 2 at week 12 at the latest. amitamin® fertil F phase 2 provides micronutrients that support health of mother and the development of the baby!

Ovarifert PCOS: the unique inositol combination

Many women suffer from PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome). For them, amitamin® Ovarifert  provides a proven blend of inositols (myo-inositol plus d-chiro-inositol) as well as alpha lipoic acid plus vitamins. If you have problems with your ovuation because of PCOS, amitamin® Ovarifert is the right product to support your metabolism towards a natural and healthy hormonal balance.

Of course, you can and should combine amitamin® Ovarifert with amitamin® fertil F phase 1 or phase 2.

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