Promotion: 3x Ovarifert + 3x fertil F phase 1

Promotion: 3x Ovarifert + 3x fertil F phase 1

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Personalizza Promotion: 3x Ovarifert + 3x fertil F phase 1
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    Promotion: 3 x fertil F phase 1 for 3x30 = 90 days plus 3 x Ovarifert for 3x30 =90 days

    The premium fertility solution for women suffering from PCOS related fertility problems.

    amitamin® Ovarifert is a dietary supplement for special medical purposes, for the dietary management of PCOS related symptoms such like low and irregular ovarian function.

    amitamin® fertil F phase 1 is the 1-capsule-a-day premium supplement for all women who want to prepare for pregnancy. The supplement adds 800µg folate a day plus lots of crucial micronutrients. It is recommended for the pre-pregnant woman until around third month of pregnancy. Then you should change to amitamin® fertil F phase 2 for adjusted micronutrient support until end of lactation.

    This multipack offers significant savings:

    • you save 61,00 Euro versus the recommended retail price of the single packs, or in other words:
    • you save another 10,00 EUR versus the already discounted 3-pack promotional price.

    This multipack includes:

    1. 3 packs of amitamin® Ovarifert PCOS (120 capsules per package, 4 capsules a day recommended intake) for the intake of a total of 90 days.
    2. 3 packs of amitamin® fertil F phase 1 (30 capsules per package, 1 capsule a day recommended intake) for the intake of a total of 90 days.

    For detailed descriptions of the products, please see:

    amitamin® Ovarifert PCOS

    amitamin® fertil F phase 1


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    Package Size

    Promotional pack: 3 packages of Ovarifert with 120 capsules each, and 3 packages of amitamin fertil F phase 1. For 3 x 30 days = 90 days.

    Recommended daily intake

    amitamin® fertil F phase 1: take 1 capsule a day together with a meal.

    amitamin® Ovarifert: take 4 capsules a days together with a meal.

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