amitamin® Bangladesh: how to buy the original and not FAKE

amitamin® is a renowned nutraceutical brand from Germany. It's products are of superior quality, developed and manufactured in Germany.

Do you want to buy amitamin® products in Bangladesh? Did you purchase an amitamin® product there? For example:

  • amitamin® Hair plus
  • amitamin® fertilsan M
  • amitamin® fertil F phase 1 and phase 2
  • amitamin® Ovarifert
  • amitamin® M forte
  • amitamin® arthro360
  • amitamin® Skin Detox Radical

We are sorry, but you might have been the victim of a company that sells counterfeit products. We are currently not exporting products into the Bangladesh market.

If you bought an amitamin® product in Bangladesh, please send us photos of the packaging, blister, lot end expiry date and we will confirm the authenticity of the product. Please send the information to


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