For a healthy hormonal balance, b-vitamins as well as amino acids are essential. They are the key components when it comes to our body´s own ability ro regulate hormonal activity. One famous example is the amino acid l-tryptophan which is essential for the metabolism of serotonine and then melatonin. With these hormons, our body regulates mood, activity and the wake-sleep-rhythm.

Since l-tryptophan can increase the body´s generation of melatonin, products with l-tryptophan like amitamin® Tryptovit night should be taken before sleep.

For energy and health of seniors in the age of 50+, we recommend amitamin® Ginkgo complex. It´s a perfect blend of vitamins and trace elements as well as 100mg of Ginkgo biloba extract. Stay healthy with this vitamin and ginkgo boost!