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Aminosäuren und Vitamine aus der ApothekeAmino acids are the building blocks of life. The body builds muscle, protein, skin, hair and other tissue from amino acids. They are also essential for almost all metabolic processes in our body. Enzymes and neurotransmitters are proteins built of amino acids, which control our circulation, hormone levels and nervous system.

We develop the highest quality products optimised for special medicinal purposes. Their effectiveness is guaranteed by the proliferating research on the benefits of certain amino acids, minerals and micro nutrients.

amitamin® Products are available at your local pharmacy, authorised online pharmacies or directly at our amitamin® online shop.

erectile dysfunktion treatment

erectile dysfunktion treatmentamitamin® M forte - Developed specifically for men with vascular erectile dysfunction. Compromised circulation is thought to be the most common cause of erectile dysfunction (also called impotence).

Our unique formula has been tested very good for vascular erectile dysfunction due to its special dosage of pharmaceutical grade Arginine.

amitamin® M forte is easily digestible and should be taken on a continuous basis to enjoy its full benefit.

increase male fertility

increase male fertility

amitamin® fertilsan M has been developed for men wanting to become fathers. Male fertility or the quality of male sperm has dropped significantly since 1990. Scientists have identified poor diets, oxidative stress and environmental toxins as the leading causes..

amitamin® fertilsan M includes specially dosed amino acids, vitamins and trace elements, which support the maturation process of the male sperm and its precious cargo.

vitamins for women before, during and after pregnancy

Folic acid alone is not enough! amitamin® fertil F is our best nutritional supplement for all women who are trying to conceive and during pregnancy until end of lactation. The important benefit: it includes bioactive folate Quatrefolic® - because not everybody can metabolize folic acid. The innovative 2-phases system from amitamin®. Compare and decide for the unique premium pregnancy system from amitamin®!

Important: a good folate level is necessary already in the first weeks after conception. Therefore gyneologists recommend: start taking a folate supplement like amitamin® fertil F phase 1 already when planning to conceive!

Women affected by PCOS can promote the restoration of hormonal balance by nutritional physiology. amitamin® Ovarifert is the premium formula with proven nutraceutically active ingredients.The unique combination of myo-inositol, d-chiro-inositol, alpha lipoic acid and antioxidants.

Compare and do not settle for less!

 increase male fertility

PMS ReduxPremenstrual Syndrome produces a whole firework of symptoms, which regularly surface between ovulation and the period.

amitamin® PMS Redux is proven to reduce symptoms with its unique formula of borrago officinalis oil, B and E vitamins. amitamin® PMS Redux has been developed for ongoing consumption and is easily digested.

Hair Plus

The best for your hair!

Get the best for your hair and accelerate its growth: the special amitamin® Hair Plus formula combines the very best nutrients in optimised dosages for your hair. Millet seed extract, amino acids, grape seed extract, iron, zinc and more. We regard both the amitamin® Hair Plus formula and its price from $39.95 per month as unmatched quality and value for money.

Compare - and start today with optimised hair care from the inside!

Skin Detox Radical is for anyone who wants to do more for their skin. Our skin regenerates from the inside and needs vitamins and antioxidants for the protection of its cells and collagen production. Great for combining with amitamin® Collagen System.

With hyaluronic acid and five plant extracts. Ideal in combination with high-quality care creams - and much cheaper!

vitamins, vitamin B12, L-carnitine, Ginkgo Biloba to combat stress

Ginkgo biloba and vitamin food supplement

Are you stressed out? Then your body consumes significantly more vitamins and trace elements. amitamin® Ginkgo complex includes all the important vitamins and trace elements for your nervous metabolic processes enabling you to perform at the highest level.

The vitamin-carnitine-CoQ10 formula is optimised with a 50-fold concentrated Ginkgo Biloba extract. 22 micronutrients for those, who demand the highest achievement.


Healthy joints, ligaments and bones

Healthy joints, ligaments and bones need vitamins, trace elements and amino acids.

amitamin® arthro360 is a unique allround-formula, which includes glucosamine, chondroitin and omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA) in addition to pine bark extract and amino acids, vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc, copper and selenium to support your connective tissue and immune system.

Try our unique formula with 15 (!) nutrients and keep your joints moving!

amitamin® immun360 & Cranberry is a high-end formula for your strong immune system. Highly dosed vitamins, trace elements and plant extracts from pine bark extract and cranberries.

Get natural support for your immune defense, all year round!

The amitamin® promise

amitamin® strives to create market-leading products which produce the best test results. All amitamin® products have therefore been optimised for composition, dosage and quality.

Four examples to demonstrate the quality of our ingredients:

  • The L-carnitine (Carnipure®) used in our products is manufactured by technology-leader Lonza&reg. A proprietary fermentation process ensures that Carnipure® is of the highest pharmaceutical grade purity.
  • Pine bark extract is extracted from the highest quality French maritime pine tree (Pinus pinaster) and carefully processed. For optimal premium quality and efficacy.
  • No fillers, artificial sweeteners or flavours. No animal testing. The amitamin&reg capsule is used only for the optimal dosage of active ingredients.
  • Highest customer satisfaction, as proven by the feedback of thousands of satisfied customers who gave us an average rating of above 4,8 out of 5,0 stars (Trusted Shops Germany).

amitamin® products are exclusively available in high street pharmacies, registered online pharmacies and directly at the amitamin® shop. This is how we ensure you only receive the amitamin® original.

Vegan food supplements without fillers

Great products should not include any useless ingredients. We therefore never include fillers or artificial sweeteners in our dietary supplements. All our products are not animal tested and not genetically manipulated. For dry capsules, we use vegetarian capsule shell (HPMC). Capsules with oils are made from bovine gelatine (omega-3 oil in fertil F and arthro360, borrago officinalis oil in PMS Redux). Therefore, most of our products are suitable for vegans.

All our food supplements are free of gluten, lactose, manufactured of non-genetically manipulated ingredients, hypoallergenic and suitable for diabetics.