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amitamin® fertilsan M: for aspiring fathers. The dietetic supplement, which can help grow healthy sperm. Increase fertility: for him, for the family.
Fruchtbarkeit beim Mann erhöhen
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fertilsan M (capsules)

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Quick Overview

Not every couple is able to conceive. Various studies have confirmed that every fifth to seventh couple is not able to conceive despite repeated efforts. Statistically, 40% of infertility cases are rooted in male fertility disorders alone and an estimated 20% are caused by compromised fertility in both partners.

Regression of male fertility

Large scale studies in Scandinavia and France have discovered that the quality of sperm has more than halved over the last 50 years (1945 – 1995). The results confirm:

  • The average quality (especially count, but also mobility and morphology) of male sperm reduces every year by 2%. A total reduction of 32% in spermatozoa was observed over the total duration of the study between 1989 and 2005.
  • The scientists estimate that this trend is even more pronounced in the overall population, because the male subjects in the study were of above average health.

Three-month maturation process

The generation of male sperm (spermatozoa) is a complex process, which takes three months. The initial generation and maturation processes is very sensitive to disturbances and undersupply of nutrients. Especially vitamins, trace minerals and the amino acid L-Arginine are essential nutrients needed by the male reproductive system to produce healthy sperm.

Both the male sperm and female ova (egg) cells are particularly receptive to oxidative stress by free radicals. This oxidative stress must be minimised at all times, because it will have a significantly negative impact on both DNA quality as well as the development of healthy sperm cells.

This is where fertilsan M leverages uniquely high dosages of micro nutrients. All key semen analysis parameters (quantity, density, motility/vitality and morphology) may produce normal readings following fertilsan M supplementation.

Available as capsules or as drink powder

fertilsan M is available as capsules or as drink powder. The active ingredients are completely equal in composition and dosage, so this is just a choice of your own preference and taste. The package with the capsules contains 90 capsules for one month, 3 capsules per day to be taken. If you prefer the fertilsan M drink powder, a package contains 30 sachets with a powder that makes a drink in black cassis flavour with 0,2l of water. One drink should be taken a day, so the package is also for one month.

Both variants are equally economic and effective. The choice is up to you. You can order the drink powder here.

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fertilsan M by amitamin® is a complimentary dietary supplement for the dietetic treatment of men with compromised fertility (Food for Special Medicinal Purposes). With its highly concentrated, balanced combination of particular nutrients fertilsan M can contribute to improving male sperm quality in cases of:

  • Oligospermia (low sperm count)
  • Asthenospermia (low motility)
  • Teratospermia (sub optimal morphology)

Components of fertilsan M

fertilsan M contains highly concentrated Vitamins, trace elements, amino acids and antioxidative vitaminoids, all essential for the generation of healthy sperm.


L-arginin is a semi-essential amino acid, which has several very important functions. It supports the immune system and regulates vascular tone to control the rate of blood flow. The body produces spermine and spermidine from Arginine, which is highly concentrated in the seminal fluid. Spermine has antioxidative properties, a stabilising effect on the DNA inside the sperm and plays an important role in cell division and growth.


L-carnitine is a nutrient directly derived from several amino acids and is sometimes called a Vitaminoid. L-carnitine is absolutely essential for the energy metabolism in cells. Only L-carnitine can transport fatty acids from the blood into the cells’ mitochondria, where the fats are “burned” to produce energy. Sperm in particular needs lots of energy in order to continue to swim. L-carnitine therefore plays an important role in the generation, growth and life of healthy, motile sperm cells.

Pine Bark Extract

fertilsan M by amitamin® contains 100 mg of pine bark extract per daily dose. This extract from the rind of the french maritime bark (Pinus pinaster) contains more than 95% proanthocyanidins (phytochemicals) and is known for its extraordinary anti-oxidative properties. It has been shown in dedicated studies to benefit male fertility in several ways, both directly and indirectly. No other male fertility supplements contains such a high amount of pine bark extract.

Coenzyme Q10

Coenzym Q10 (Ubiquinone) is a central component of the metabolic processes related to energy supply in the body. It is of critical importance in the provision of energy for sperm cell mobility.


N-acetyl-L-cysteine is strong antioxidant. The amino acid is necessary in many metabolic processes, including spermatogenesis.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is soluble in lipids and has pronounced anti-oxidative properties. It is effective in the cell membrane protecting the inside cell of oxidative stress.


The trace element zinc is well known for its importance in various immunological and more than 200 enzymatic processes. Sperm production can be reduced if the body does not have sufficient quantities available. Zinc can therefore contribute to improving a sperm analysis.


Selenium is also a trace element and has anti-oxidative effects. Selenium contributes to the generation of healthy spermatozoa.

Beta Carotene

Beta-Carotene is a reactant (chemical ingredient) for vitamin A and can directly neutralise free radicals. It therefore helps to reduce oxidative stress in various metabolic processes and is converted by the body to vitamin A if required.

Folic acid

Folic acid is important during generation of DNA, which carries the genes. Healthy levels of folic acid are critical for the production of fully-functioning sperm containing healthy DNA.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is and important water-soluble antioxidant and is highly concentrated in the seminal fluid.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is known as the "sun vitamin", because the body is able to produce it itself when exposed to sun light. In practice however most people in Western Europe lack sufficient exposure to sun light. Men with fertility problems frequently lack vitamin D.

Further Information

Please note: due to advertising regulation we are only allowed to present detailed information about studies related to our products to registered industry professionals. Are you a medical professional or pharmacist? Please contact us and we will forward you comprehensive material in our products and research!

Further information to promote male fertility

A healthy lifestyle is the starting point for a healthy, fully-functioning sperm production process.

Please also note:

  • Avoid nicotine and alcohol as much as you can.
  • Check your medication. Only take medication, which is essential to your wellbeing and has been prescribed by your doctor or recommended by your pharmacist.
  • Try to avoid all toxins and hormones in your diet and your environment.
  • Reduce stress as much as you can. Stress is thought to affect fertility negatively in both men and women. Enjoy a few more breaks and find new ways to relax.
  • Avoid all kinds of heat. The growth of sperm cells is a highly temperature-sensitive process. Tight trousers, jeans or notebooks lead to a higher temperature as much as extensive sauna visits or hot baths. Car seat heating should also be kept to a minimum.

How to use fertilsan M

One pack includes 90 individually sealed capsules and will last for one month. Please take 3 capsules of fertilsan M once a day with plenty of water, ideally just before a large meal. We recommend taking fertilsan M for a minimum of three months, the equivalent of the length of the sperm maturation process.

Importance Advice

Indicated daily allowance must not be exceeded. Please store in a dry place and keep out of reach of children. Not for consumption of persons under the age of 18. fertilsan M is not a complete food and not a substitute for a balanced, comprehensive diet. Please use only under doctor supervision. The product is intended for a specific purpose. Nutrient quantity therefore differs from EU guidelines. Not appropriate for individuals allergic to the ingredients.


L-carnitine tartrate, L-Arginin HCl, D-alpha tocopheryl acetate, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (capsule shell), zinc gluconate, ascorbic acid, pine bark extract (95 % proanthocyanidins), N-acetylcysteine, selenium yeast, separating agent (magnesium stearate), coenzyme Q10, colouring E 171, cholecalciferol, beta carotene, pteroyl- monoglutamic acid.

Net weight per package: 82 g


Customer Reviews

12 Reviews "fertilsan M (capsules)"

Fertilsan M
Ismail 16 February 2017 3 years trying to get my wife pregnant and now after 4 months of fertilsan M my wife is finally pregnant!! This is the best decision I have ever made!! Worth a try for anyone having problems with pregnancy!!!
gave me hope
adrian cane 1 February 2017 There is hope for everyone:

About 3 years ago my mind was set up to have no more children i had the snip (which may i say it hurt like a horse kicking u in the bollocks but hey ho lol). But then i met an amazing woman who showed me that there is hope for true love was not lost but we were both strong minded and said we never wanted to marry again or have children again but as time passes by we go to no each other and wanted to spend the rest of our lives together a thought came into our heads one more baby one of our own. But then i thought it was impossible so i researched and researched to see if we had any hope then by luck found a tablet called fertilsan m which is from germany (which is not cheap) so we thought give it a go nothing was working at that time so i went to the doctors and had my sperm checked came back not swimming but they are live so i kept on with these tablets and then one day a miracle happened my darling girl was pregnant but it was hard because her body was not ready and we lost the baby which knocked us back and we was so upset but we never gave up faith so we decided to not think about it and about 3 months latermy other half fell pregnant again and this time she is now 14 weeks and everything seems fine so our miracle is happening again and the babby seems healthy we have two scans and heard the heart beat (which we both cried) so there is light at the end of the tunnel for everyone so please don't give up hope because we didn't and it works hope this helps because it did with me xxx

my story...
Charlie 16 November 2016 I was diagnosed with male factor infertility almost nine months ago. We had been trying for a baby for one year and then went to see fertility specialists.

My missus is fine, but all my readings were low or very low: 17 million per ml, 3% normal forms and 20% good or better motility. Not good!

I decided for my missus and my future kid I had to do everything I could to get better swimmers. I literally stopped drinking alcohol, no more coffee, no fast food and I decided to take my first ever supplement. I was suspicious at first, but the fertility center told me that they do work. I bought six months worth, because apparently you have to take it for at least three months anyway, because that is how long swimmer take to mature.

Many people had reported pregnancies having taken fertilsan m and it did really well in some male fertility supplement comparison. I liked that it is a high quality all-in-one product from Germany, because I don’t have to mess about with lots of bottles!

After four months my missus got pregnant. By then we had the baby-making "trying" down to a T ☺ She is now 14 weeks, the scans have been good so far and apparently baby is going to start moving soon! I didn’t have another semen analysis done, but it just goes to show that even if your readings aren’t the best, if you work hard to do your best and believe in yourself it just takes that one swimmer!

Fertilsan m costs just under £1 / day, but that is still a lot cheaper than a fertility treatment and what you get is priceless!

We are over the moon and cant wait to be parents now. I still have two months left, which I’ll use for number two ☺
Great Product
Jerry 30 December 2015 I have been taking this product for a year now and after a checkup at my local GP, the sperm count has increased massively. My Wife and I are going through the IVF path and she received a positive pregnancy test after my sperm collection for the IVF process. Thank you for such an amazing product
after three months
toto 14 April 2015 Great product , i got 6 months capsules , after first three months my wife is pregnant , thank you
great supplements
cup 29 September 2014 i did take it for five months now and my sperm count and other parameters went into normal. Gues what: My wife yesterday showed me her pregnancy test, it´s positive! Finally, after two years. I am quite sure that this supplement contributed to the end of our odyssey.
It's a boy!
John D 20 August 2014 My wife has just given birth to our beautiful son Rory. Your supplements are the best I could find and we're both in our late 30s. So we decided to take both your fertility products from day 1 to maximise our chances. Rory took 7 months to conceive and he arrived last week. I am so very grateful beyond words! .. and urgently need some sleep now :-)
6 months fertilsan M worked - baby on the way & thousands saved!
Simon 14 May 2014 I did a semen analysis last June, which showed I had a low sperm count. The fertility clinic tried to upsell us into IUI treatment, but I had also read good things about fertilsan M. It takes 3 months to work so I decided to try it for 6 and see how we get on. We timed our BMS properly around ovulation and got a positive test in March. Thank you amitamin. You have saved us about £4K!
quick service!
customer 24 March 2014 I placed my order on a Sunday evening and received it on Wednesday. That´s a great service. Will now take it as recommended by my GP.
best male fertility booster we could find & I am pregnant!!!!
Laura 7 February 2014 My DH was diagnosed with male factor subfertility (low count and motility) so I decided to research the best supplement solution for him.

fertilsan costs a little more, but has BY FAR the best nutrients compared to all the other cheap stuff. I bought four months' worth for my DH and had a positive pregnancy test just before I reordered!!!

I am now 17 weeks pregnant and baby is already kicking :-))
amazing speed! all great
David Minds 3 February 2014 Astonishing speed from the shop. Ordered on a Sunday and received Wednesday morning. I live in London. It was a tip from our GP so I think it should help improve our chances. At least I do what I can do.
fertilsan m gave me all I needed to become a Dad
Chris 10 January 2014 My wife and I tried for a baby for 8 months before I was diagnosed with low sperm count and motility. When I researched natural remedies I came across fertilsan m, which has a best-in-class scientifically proven formula to naturally improve sperm quality. After four months my wife conceived and gave birth to our healthy son William last month. He is a hungry boy so we don't sleep much, but we are the happiest parents in the world. Thank you Amitamin!

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